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Spring has finally arrived in Northern Michigan. Normally in spring we see many new property listings. We are seeing a few trickle in, however, they are selling fast due to the pandemic panic and more people working remotely. If you are serious about buying property now, you must act quickly as someone else is right behind you. That is why its' important to contact us when your thinking of buying as opposed to when you see something you want. This way we can get a jump start when new listings appear which match your likes. Do your research as to where you would like to be and what type of property you would like, i.e. second home, primary home or condo. You can search through our Northern Michigan Property search under our main menu or you can search on Zillow, Realtor.com or one of the other online real estate databases. We can also help you find your Northern Michigan retreat, just call us to get started. However, if you see something you like or have questions about a listed property, please contact us first before the Seller's realtor as we have access to all the information on listed properties in Michigan and can show them as well. Remember, the listing Realtor represents the Seller, not you.

These are major investments, so do it right and hire a Real Estate Lawyer/Broker from REL to represent you in this purchase. We charge the same as a Realtor on listed properties with no hourly legal fees. Unlike a Realtor though, as Lawyers, we can provide legal advice, draft contracts and interpret legal terms and contracts. As Real Estate Brokers, we can schedule a showing of any listed property and share in the commission for payment when the sale is closed.

REL is a member of both Northern Great Lakes Realtors MLS and Great Lakes Bay Region Board of Realtors and can provide listings for properties from Saginaw - North. With an office in Elk Rapids, Michigan we have great insight as to price and location. Call us (231) 498-2171 or email us at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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