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How much does it cost to get started?

Answer: Nothing.  The cost will be the same as what one would normally pay a relator.  In residential purchases, REL attorneys are paid by sharing in the commission for the sale of the home.  No hourly fee are charged for legal services.


What is the difference between a REL attorney and a realtor?

Answer: REL attorneys are also brokers / realtors.  Thus, they are able to share in the commission.  In addition, as attorneys, REL attorneys can draft contracts, unlike a realtor.  Also REL attorneys have vast knowledge and insight as to real estate litigation and what to avoid in the initial stages in the purchase of a piece of property.  They will save both sellers and/or buyers from costly litigation.


Does REL sell houses?

Answer: Yes, however this is limited to our Elk Rapids office in Northern Michigan where we list vacant land for sellers and residential properties whose value is greater than $300,000. We are an independent Real Estate Broker and can show any and all properties listed by other real estate Brokers to buyers who may desire to use us as opposed to seller's real estate agency.


How do I see a house with a REL representative if they are not listing houses?

Answer: REL attorneys are also real estate brokers which allow them to show any listed property.  With a real estate license, REL representatives may show homes listed by other agencies after making contact with the selling agency.  The REL representative takes care of all of these arrangements to show any home or properties a buyer may be interested in.


Are there legal fees for the purchase of commercial property?

Answer: Yes, in commercial settings, normally a commission and an hourly fee is charged.  However, each transaction will depend on the facts of each situation.  In some cases, only a percentage of the commission will be charged.


Will I have to sign anything to begin work with REL?

Answer: Yes, normally an Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement must be signed if you are buying property or a listing agreement if you are selling property with REL.  This is required under law.


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